About David

Following my love of the outdoors, I attended the University of New Hampshire where I received an undergraduate degree in Forestry. Ten years later I realized it was time to come out of the forest, and my family and I moved to the Boston area where I received my graduate degree in Social Work from Boston University.

Since 1990 my work has been focused primarily on young children and families as therapist, home visitor, supervisor, program manager, consultant and workshop facilitator. Exposure to traumatic stress has been a common theme with most of the young children and families I, and the individuals and programs I’ve supported, have worked with. What has become increasingly clear to me over the years is the way that our experiences, and the meaning we make of those experiences, impacts the formation of our beliefs (how we understand our own value and the world around us) and our ability to regulate our emotions (level of stress).

So much of what I’ve learned in life, both personally and professionally, has led me to an ongoing exploration of how those experiences, especially our earliest ones, contribute to what we think, say and do via our guiding beliefs and our ability to manage our reactions. Those guiding beliefs, and how we manage threats to those beliefs, are woven together to form the stories we tell about ourselves in a way that defines so much of who we seem to be in the world. This site, Coming Out of the Forest, is a continuation of those explorations, the process of change, and a desire to share my explorations with others.

After spending most of the first five decades of my life in New England, my explorations are continuing in New Mexico where I live with my wonderful partner in life, Susan.